Spain for the little ones

Moms and Kids

(Age: 0-12)

This program brings moms and kids to Spain... together!!

Moms (dads or any other family are welcome too) will have long hours to do all kind of activities they wish and their kids will spend their day in a private kindergarten/school, playing and learning with Spanish kids of the same age.

Our kindergarten is located besides an excellent private school and campus. As part of the same educational project.

They have been providing a high quality education for young people for the last 25 years, beginning in kindergarten with multilingual programs.

The school has a highly qualified teaching team and estate of the art facilities for kids.

When the program has been completed, TAKISOL wil provide a certificate for each student with the detailed list of activities.

Cecilia. Hong Kong mom

"My 2 kids were in school all day learning a lot. Teachers were very nice and professional. My eldest took private Spanish for 2 hours daily and then spent the whole day speaking Spanish with her friends. Spain was an amazing experience as a family for my 2 kids and I."

Lisa. Hong Kong mom

"I loved the program for my 2 boys. It was my first time in Spain. I discovered lots of beautiful places and activities to enjoy by myself and with my kids. They learnt a lot of Spanish and I managed to do some progress with the basics. Most of all we all enjoyed our weeks in Spain. Amazing country and incredibly welcoming people."

Alicia. Hong Kong mom

"My 5 year old girl had been studying Spanish in Hong Kong for 2 years. When she had the opportunity to practice with Spanish kids her age, she made so much progress. My husband traveled with us and we had an amazing time in Spain sightseeing, shopping and enjoying food and culture."

Kate. Hong Kong mom

"Culture in Spain is so different to Hong Kong that for my 2 girls Moms & Kids program was the most enriching summer experience I could have chosen for them. It was not only the Spanish language they learnt but also the way they interacted with Spaniards. Warm and welcoming people who really cared about us having a good time. They did sports, dancing, cooking, adventures in the forrest, visited the zoo, a water park…and so many other exciting activities. I had time for myself and I enjoyed a lot."