Programs in Spain for kids and teens

Medieval Spain

(Age: 12-18)

Runs from late July through second week in Aug.

Spanish lessons can be customized and adapted to follow any school books or other specific language program of your choice.

This program will take our students to a small medieval town. Only 1:15 hour ride from Madrid. Extremely safe and cozy.

Immersion with Spanish students of the same age 24/7.

Accommodation in a private school dormitory. Supervised all day and night. Very clean facilities and the perfect environment for an unforgettable experience. 2 weeks packed with Spanish lessons (customizable number of lessons per week), Nature (parks, rivers, forests...), Games and Sports, Spanish food cooking and tasting, Spanish Guitar recitals, trips to Madrid and Toledo. Local festivals, football games with local students, drama activities, Astronomy workshops, Culture workshops (Don Quixote, Velasquez, Picasso...), night games and activities... and so much more!

The hardest part will be to say goodbye to so many friends after 2 intense weeks of learning and fun.

No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary. Beginners and all levels are welcome. This program can be taken in English.

Violet Lai. 14 years old. Mainland China

"The camp was so much fun. I spent all the time with Spanish friends and we did many activities. I loved the astronomy workshop specially. I want to go back and see my friends in Spain."

Sarah and her friend Gladys. Mainland China

"I was worried it was going to be difficult for me to meet people there so I travelled with my best friend. For both of us this summer was the best summer of our lives. We have many friends in Spain now and we learnt Spanish and enjoyed a lot in this small town. We want to go back next year."


"I loved my time in Spain!! It's the best country and I like it very much and had a lot of fun and learnt so many things about culture."