Spanish language in Spain

Spanish in Spain for Executives. Super intensive

(All ages)

This program is specially designed for executives who want to learn Spanish and have the usual problem: they are just too busy and can't possibly have enough time to spend studying Spanish in Spain even though it would be so helpful for their business. Good news is we offer Intensive and Super Intensive Programs of General Spanish and Business Spanish.

Dates and conditions can be very flexible to accommodate each student's needs.

Don't worry! Leave it to us to provide a solution for your lack of time. You will be amazed at how much improvement you can experience in just one or two weeks in Spain when you enroll in one of our programs.

Length of the program can be customized from one or two weeks to months. We can provide classes, lots of activities in Spanish with Spanish speakers and even stays with a host family where Spanish will be the only language used all the time.