Programs in Spain for kids and teens

Tailor-made homestay

We select the best of our host families for each student of any age and we add any other wishes (Spanish lessons, sports, cooking, painting...) to have your exclusive custom-made program.

Our host family selection process is based on a deep one-to-one knowledge of the family. This requires a very high personal dedication.

Families are only selected to host our students once we already know them and we can assure they can offer a peaceful home, family stability and a strong will to have international students at home driven by their interest and curiosity to learn from other cultures.

Families put a lot of themselves taking good care of our students. They want to make them feel at home and help them enjoy their time in Spain as much as possible.

We are profoundly proud of our families and how they make students feel at home when they are thousands of miles away from their real home and family.

This program is ideal for those students who have already been studying Spanish for a while but they lack fluency and speaking skills. In a relaxed environment in total immersion in Spanish language they will start seeing amazing results in just a few days.

Our students spend time with their host families who always have children of similar ages. They tag along to their hosts, they get involved in their family plans, friends, their routines and daily life becoming just one of them.

Host families do lots of activities they are excited to share with their guests. They plan visits to show them around and show off their city, food and festivities and... shopping, sightseeing, sports, shows... everything that makes Spain different.

Those students with no prior knowledge of the language are welcome to join this program. We will select a family who can speak English so they won't feel isolated and unable to express themselves.


"I really enjoyed staying with my host family as they were very kind and willing to teach me different Spanish words and phrases, as well as explain any differences between our cultures. The friendly atmosphere that my host family created made the overall experience very enjoyable for me."


"It was an amazing experience. I have become very close to them and hope that we stay in touch and meet soon. They were warm, welcoming and friendly and made sure I was never homesick throughout my trip. They made my trip so much more memorable and every time I think of Spain an image of them appears in my head which makes me smile."


"They were so nice and wonderful!. I loved the stay with them, they taught me so much about Spain and the Spanish culture and their family and made me feel as if I was part of the family."


"I loved every single bit of our trip so much and would really like to thank everyone I met for making it so special, especially my host family. The trip wouldn't have been the same if we had lived at hotels as by living with locals we got to experience the real Spain."


"They were very nice, they all spoke English but always helped me improve my Spanish. It was a very good experience."


"My host family was really nice and they taught me a lot of things that I didn't know about Spain. We got to experience Spanish culture and food. I really enjoyed staying with them."